Of Age

I’m still thinking on this poem, but wanted to share it. It paints a tradgic picture of reaching every goal we want to reach, and leaving the mess for our children, like inheritance of a debt. Our cherished history, and things that drove us, now are fables that we are at pain to show existed.

Public Servants and the People

“We the People” are the first three words of the United States Constitution. It established who grants the authority for all the powers and legitimacy of what follows, including the rights of women and men and structures of government. The “People” unlike, say, a “King”, “Class”, or even deity established the constitution. If you were…

Guns in America

It’s been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will -Sam Cooke I can easily remember where I was when I first heard of the massacre. I was sitting at my desk studying the previous week’s notes before heading to class. Intermediate Economic Price Theory, one…

How a Type of Computer Font Led to the Removal of Pakistan’s Prime Minister

The plan seemed fairly certain. Take hundreds of millions from the Government, launder it through a labyrinth of international real estate deals, and let the money rest in several unmarked bank accounts built to hide this exact sort of activity. This, of course, was unveiled some time ago with the leak of the Panama Papers, a 11 Million documents that revealed thousands of elite around the world involved in plainly unethical, and almost everywhere illegal, activity. I guess it may not be that simple, but it is par the course for men like Pakistan’s Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. In fact, while this leak revealed the involvement of many, the list of those held accountable for it is not that long. So where did Prime Minister Sharif go wrong?

Wielding Power in Game of Throne’s “Stormborn” Episode 2 of Season 7 (Spoilers)

By it’s title, HBO’s Game of Thrones is about the play for power. And that competition is at the heart of the events so far in Season 7.

Of course the White Walkers are coming, and the Wall will fall, but the answer to the question that problem brings will be answered, well or poorly, depending on who wins and loses in the meantime, and the stakes for these Kings and Queens are everything.

When Voters Become Pundits

I didn’t want to share this article to just criticize the reporting, nor did I want to share it to comment on their support for Trump. I’m sharing it because I think it offers a good example of a trend I’m finding more and more in people I observe in interviews, online, and among people I know. That trend being that people seem to be turning into pundits in their thoughts on politics. Less concerned with their support for something, I find their reasons astonishing, and becoming increasingly common.