Public Servants and the People

“We the People” are the first three words of the United States Constitution. It established who grants the authority for all the powers and legitimacy of what follows, including the rights of women and men and structures of government. The “People” unlike, say, a “King”, “Class”, or even deity established the constitution. If you were…

Are the U.S. and China Destined for War? Well, about that “Thucydides’ Trap”

Like clockwork, fear of the next great war between the established power (United States) versus the rising power (China) is gossiped and rumored. Particularly, this theory  has been given new popularity, and relevance, due to the observations of the 2000+ year old Thucydides of Athens.

However, in an excellent essay, Ian Buruma strongly challenges the assertion that a war between China and the United States is inevitable.

Edward Thomas’ Poetry in The Great War

This post may have gotten away from me, but I really am fascinated and struck by the poetry of World War One poet Edward Thomas. Really, there is so much great poetry from the era, and I may touch on others later, but Edward Thomas, I believe, deserves a special and sustained focus. While conflict…