Wielding Power in Game of Throne’s “Stormborn” Episode 2 of Season 7 (Spoilers)

By it’s title, HBO’s Game of Thrones is about the play for power. And that competition is at the heart of the events so far in Season 7.

Of course the White Walkers are coming, and the Wall will fall, but the answer to the question that problem brings will be answered, well or poorly, depending on who wins and loses in the meantime, and the stakes for these Kings and Queens are everything.


Dark Humor in Amazon’s Excellent “Patriot”

John Tavner (Michael Dorman) is many things. He’s a folk singer, a husband, a pipe engineer, a spy, a son, a brother, and above all, a patriot.

John’s life is full of vicissitudes. One unfortunate occurrence seems to follow him after another, trying his abilities, his  intelligence, and, I imagine, his sanity.

He is tasked by Tom Tavner (Terry O’Quinn), his father, to discretely join a private U.S. company and accompany them on a trip to the quiet, small European country Luxembourg and make a money exchange to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb. Of course, as you can imagine, not all things go to plan. What was supposed to be a quick mission instead turns into a more permanent posting. The question we have is, because this is all for Country, how much is John willing to take?