Of Age

I’m still thinking on this poem, but wanted to share it. It paints a tradgic picture of reaching every goal we want to reach, and leaving the mess for our children, like inheritance of a debt. Our cherished history, and things that drove us, now are fables that we are at pain to show existed.


Would you take the God Pill and live forever?

If you could live forever, would you?

For some that’s all you need to ask for them to know the answer: yes. 100%, fully and truly¬†yes.

I am far more skeptical, but its not surprising to me that others are without doubt. Death is the antagonist of all of our stories. If you could conquer it by taking a prescribed dosage of pills every day, wouldn’t you?

What Do Our Leaders Read?

Hamilton never was President, but he was one of the principle leaders and forgers of government and the constitution (if not the writing of, at least in its adoption and interpretation). It is doubtless, as Chernow notes, that these readings had an extraordinary impact on Hamilton’s later efforts and work. To me, this is a very revealing moment of Hamilton and why he is so revered centuries later.